Your partner for OEM Manufacturing

Synlas located in Germany near Stuttgart, is a global medical device company and innovator in the treatment of cardiovascular diseases. Synlas Implants has a respected history of innovative ideas translated into high-end products and technologies used in all kinds of vascular products world-wide. Several technologies are licensed or sold to partners and now serve their products for patient care.

Besides developing, manufacturing and distributing Synlas branded products worldwide, Synlas also provides OEM manufacturing opportunities to external partners. Synlas Medical's strength is focused in the following areas:

  • High-end PTCA Catheter lines
  • Reliable Coronary stent systems range
  • Laser-cutting stainless steel, 316L, cobalt-chrom, L605, nitinol, NiTi, magnesium, polymers, PLLA 
  • Laser-welding, marking, drilling,
  • Electro-polishing of several materials (e.g. stainless steel, Cobalt Chromium based metals, Nickel Titanium alloys)
  • Forming process of shape memory alloys (e.g. Nickel Titanium)
  • Catheter manufacturing (e.g. PTCA, PTA, Stent Delivery (balloon expandable and self expandable, Aspiration, CTO)
  • Crimping process (digital pressure controlled crimping)
  • Innovative drug eluting solutions
  • Cross platform coating technologies

Our PTCA catheters and coronary stents systems are well-known for their high quality, ease of use and impeccable success rate. All our products and services are designed and manufactured according to the European directives. We are ISO9001 certified.