Abluminus DES Cobalt Chromium Coronar Sirolimus Eluting Stent

Abluminus DES is a Cobalt Chromium Stent System specially designed for diabetic patients. It is an abluminally coated sirolimus drug eluting stent. The drug is coated on both the stent and the exposed parts of the balloon.

The stent system is coated on the abluminal side only, leading to directional drug release and less systemic exposure of drug. In current DES, coating on both the sides of the stent system, leads to slower rate of re-endothelialization.

The stent as well as the exposed parts of the balloon is coated with Sirolimus drug which provides DES+DEB effect. Diabetic patients suffer from diffuse proliferative disease which is longer in length. The fusion coating on entire stent system helps to address
the entire diseased area of the lesion.

The balloon in the stent system has been coated on the proximal and distal ends; addressing edge restenosis. Edge restenosis is an existing problem observed in the current generation DES. Coating on 0.5mm on both the ends of the balloon; addresses the

The Sirolimus and bio-absorbable polymer matrix is coated on the pre-crimped stent which hypothetically creates absorbable temporary circular film upon inflation. It is form on inflating the stent system and holding it for 45 seconds in blood wet condition
which is helpful in STEMI or AMI patients to protect thrombus from coming inside and interrupting blood ow in the vessel.

Abluminus DES, addresses the nature of the diabetic lesion in the patients and properly provides the desired treatment.

Interventional Cardiology

Guide wires for interventional procedures of the central circulatory system must meet the highest requirements: Distinctive kink resistance and high torsional strength along with exceptional flexibility. Besides, guide wires must provide an excellent radiopaque visibility. Arterial access for these procedures is possible either via the femoral artery (arteria femoralis) or via the brachial artery (arteria brachialis).

SYNLAS offers most suitable guide wires for all accesses of percutaneous transluminal coronary angioplasty (PTCA), special indications such as chronic total occlusions (CTO), stent implantations with AAA or CAS, transcatheter aortic valve implantations (TAVI), insert of central venous catheters and many others.

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